Sourcing parts to make a Flexy-Duallie


I am relatively new to 3D printing. I’m loving it so far and I love my new TAZ 5.

I currently only have the single extruder that came with the printer. I would like to get a Flexy-Duallie but I want to try a challenge of making it myself. I’ve been doing some research and I’m having some issues sourcing all the parts. I mean, I’ve pretty much found them all but they all come in such large quantities that it doesn’t make any financial sense. It’s cheaper (and easier) to just buy the finished product from Lulzbot.

That being said, I was just wondering if anyone out there in the community would have all or most of the needed parts and would be willing to sell them.

BOM is here:

Thanks in advance,


I have a lot of extra parts… Check out my list here:

There are also a few things I haven’t added to the list.

Thanks dutchhome

I will take a look when I have a moment and let you know what I could use.