Convert Flexi-Dualie to standard Dual Head?

Ok, I am having a fun time trying to figure out what parts are where in the ftp.

What parts do I need to print to convert a Flexi-Dualie head to a standard Dual Head? I assume I need the extruder and maybe one of the dualie plates. But I can’t find any extruder parts in the dualie folder.

It should be in that folder too, but may be missing, but it is the same extruder that is in the TAZ 4/5 directories.

I didn’t see it.

There are only 4 folders, Dual_mouunt, Flex_plate, Future_revisions, Lower_Bracket.

There are 2 files but they do not allow download via FTP.

There are NO STL files there at all.

Maybe a link in these folders to the appropriate sub-assemblies would be in order?

So I should get the extruder from the Taz4? Ironwood?

Or Holley?

I assume the currently shipping flexi-dualie is the budda hot end not the hex like I got with the taz5.

There is no difference in the base extruder (ships with taz) and the one on the dual head? Other than the thin steppers that is, I meant as far as the printed parts go.

I couldn’t buy a dual extruder so I found a flexi-dualie to order and am retrofitting it. That way I will have the parts ready when it comes time to get rubbery :wink:

Yes, I believe that is correct.

This body is the same one that is used on a (non-flexy) dualie:

Other bits of it:


Make sure to take a look at the V2 hotend flexystruder adapter plate a user created.

At first glance, it seems as though the plate (or increasing thickness of the part) is all that’s needed to modify the hexagon to work with the parts designed for the length of the buda.

I am not converting it to a hex hot end.

I am buying a flexi-dualie (two budda 2.0 I presume). Then ripping out the flexi head and building a standard extruder using parts from the flexi and the parts I print to make it a basic dual extruder. Why? Because nobody has stock of the basic dual head. I want two ABS capable heads. Right now that is.

Later I can either buy the extra parts and build a full flexi extruder/hot end for easy swap out or simply move the parts back again.

So of those what do I need to print to adapt the flexi head to a standard head? Wont the flexi have the same gears? If so I don’t need to re-print those, can’t I use the ones that come with the flexi-dualie? I am going to canabalize the head I receive and only need to print whats different no?

Is there a BOM for the standard extruder? Are the 608 bearings and the hobbed bolt the one I need for use on the dual extruder? And what other hardware?

There isn’t a separate bom for the extruder outside the TAZ BOMs, but ohai-kit will have info too:


Yay, One of the items I was most worried about has no info…
“Extruderr Idler with 608 bearing installed”

So whats the bearing on? How is it mounted in the idler?

Now that I have the flexi-dualie in my paws, I see that there is NO idler on it to rape parts off of. So I will also need a lot more parts than I had thought I would (like the thumb screws for example).

The bearing sits on a short piece of metal rod, about 1 inch long. This exploded diagram shows the parts that go into a very similar extruder.$(KGrHqNHJEIE92L,-dfYBPiK,4v1uQ~~60_57.JPG

The lulzbot variant uses slightly longer cap screws for the idler arm retention screws, and the two springs are missing from that picture. Lulzbot typically adds an idler arm latch piece and 2 M3 (M4? I forget) cap screw thumbscrew covers to make those idler arm adjustment screws easier to manipulate by hand, but that is optional.

Did you realize the flexi has .5mm nozzles?

one .35 and one .50. Yes. Easy to get a .35 and put it on or buy an extra budda assembly.

No, they’re both .5mm nozzles.

I am pretty positive mine had .35 and .5. I will double check when I get home.

There are 4 standard dual extruders in stock at Amazon. There was 5 a little while ago :wink:

Anyway my flexi has .5mm nozzles for both.

I was correct. Primary is .35, secondary (Flexi) is .50. Maybe they changed it between when you got yours and I got mine?

Wow that’s strange. I wish mine was like that. I don’t like .5mm nozzles in general. Yes I just got mine less than a week ago. But I bought it through matterhackers, so I don’t know how long they had it on their shelf.

Rofl! Thats where I got mine too! Ordered it on Mar 4th.

So wait… why can’t you use the flexi side to extrude abs?