Sparks fly from extruder

Hello I’m new to the community, I have 4 lulzbot taz 6’ in my classroom. students were cleaning the extra melted filament from the nozzle, pop went some sparks(yes, a brass brush) and now the only thing that lights up is the red power switch. no display and no movement or fans. I’m thinking this is a depot level repair but if anyone has a suggestion i’m all ears. thank you

You simply blew a micro fuse. There’s 3 of them on the main board. Simple fix if you can get the replacement fuse. You can find the fuse type in Lulzbot store, they’re like $10 for 3. Or buy on Amazon if e-bay.

If it is just a fuse (as often expensive electronics protect the fuse), then make sure the brass brush is hidden away in a “glass case” that has a sign saying only use without power. There are non-conducting materials like Scotch-Brite pads that work almost as well especially if you use them regularly.

If you must use the brass brush, you heat the nozzle, turn off the power, apply the brush, then heat the nozzle again.

Great, thank you for the info. It seems to be One of those times when a simple fix can save money and time. Thank you again