SLOW printing

Hello, i have a question…My first 3d printer was a XYZ, and it printed 3 times faster than my Taz6, can anyone explain why a 400 dollar printer is faster than a 3000 dollar printer, im still new to this is there anything that i need to do before printing , for example on my cheap printer i could print out a desktop storage bin 7by6by5 in under 1 hour, the Taz6 takes almost 5 hours???
any help thanked

There are a lot of settings in the slicer to play with that will affect the print speed. Print quality is usually the trade off.

If you want to go faster, look at the various speed settings and of course layer height… You can learn a lot by experimenting.

MOARstruder will let you lay down thicker layers if speed for big prints is important.

Thanks for replying , i have had the Moarstruder and it was nice,but i didnt need it because most of my prints are small, i returned it. I find the normal head is good enough for my needs.
your right about the time,that there is a tradeoff with quality, i compared a xyz fast print item with the taz6 , and the quality was much better, guess i will live with that the Taz6 needs more time.
thanks again

3 times faster than my Taz6

I can believe the TAZ 6 might be slower but 3-5 times slower seems a bit much. I’m guessing the default layer height was vastly different between the two printers. Is the nozzle size the same (or close)?

The closer you get the settings between the two printers, the difference in speeds should get much closer.