How fast can Taz 6 quickprint?

I notice my new Taz 6 is slow printer at 50mm/sec even on quickprint settings in Cura. Has anyone tested the fastest possible speed for PLA/Verbatim filament and if so, what was the best speed you were able to squeeze out of your Taz 6 printer? I have some basic cases that I want to quick print to house a few electronic Arduino projects that do not require fine level of detail.

Why not increase the FR on the LCD display and see what you get.
My understanding of the FR on the LCD display is that it will change all parameters such as extruder flow and speeds.
I’ve used the FR on the LCD display, just to see what it did.
It seems to me that increasing the FR on the LCD display keeps things the same only faster/slower.

Just a thought.
I would be interested as to what you find out.

I was hunting the interwebs to find an answer for this too and found this thread.

I did a quick test with a print that was already running. ABS, high detail, some values tweaked like 2mm retraction to eliminate strings, concentric infill at 70% but the rest default.

I’m just stabbing at a start/stop button on stopwatch app, so not totally scientific but for one layer I get the following times…

50%: 2:54
100%: 1:49

and then for 200, 600, 700 and 800%, all ~1:35.

Obsly the quality of the print is MUCH higher when I dial back the speed, but it doesn’t seem like the printing actually goes that much faster when I crank it to 200, and then raising it beyond that doesn’t do anything but make the number bigger on the LCD.