Nozzle thread size for Lulzbot Pro

Very simple question: I need to replace the nozzle on my Lulzbot Pro. The stock nozzle was a 0.5mm, so I figured I would stick with this since I’m a teacher and want to keep things simple in here. I was looking to get inexpensive nozzles, but I am finding a lot listed for Taz 5s, Taz 6s, but nothing about Pros and the 2.85mm diameter is making them even harder to find. Is the thread on the nozzle (the part that threads into the hot end) the same for all of these? The one site I found 3mm with 0.5mm hole specifies an M6 thread, so now I’m wondering if that’s one more variable I need to shop for.

Also, does anyone have experience buying cheap (say 10 for $10 or so) nozzles? Are they worth it? I assume brass is better than stainless?

Thanks all!

The TAZ Pro uses standard e3d v6 nozzles that do use the M6 threads.

As for cheaper nozzles, though I have not personally used ones on this end of price, but you tend to get what you pay for. There may be poor QC involved with cheaper nozzles and the material composition may also be questionable.

The material (brass or hardened steel) depends on the filament(s) used. For most non-exotic (non-abrasive) filaments, brass is fine. I believe the TAZ Pro original nozzles are hardened steel.

There may be a difference in the nozzle temperature used if you switch the nozzle material, brass is usually lower than hardened steel. Maybe 5-10 degrees difference.

Personally, I would go with genuine E3D nozzles. You shouldn’t have to change them that often.

Thanks so much for your help. I ended up purchasing one made by E3D but switched to brass. It turns out that these nozzle manufacturers refer to the larger diameter filament as 3mm rather than 2.85mm, so that was also causing me some confusion.
For anyone else needing this same answer, here is a good explanatory website.