STL file available for TAZ 5/6 Tool Head Adapter?

Hi All!

Is an STL file available for the TAZ 5/6 Universal Tool Head Adapter? Thank you

The link is in the resources and documentation section right on the product page.

Thank you so much!

Would you have any information about, if I need to change the parameters: feed, speeds, retraction, etc. or perhaps change my model in Simplify3D to accommodate the filament size etc.? Thank you.

It’s a very simple print, go with a “standard” print profile you use for ABS, PETG, or ASA. Any parts around the toolhead shouldn’t be PLA due to it’s very low softening and warping temperature.

I would also mention that if you don’t already have all the harnesses, pins and wire you need to do the wiring harness adapter as well, I recommend just paying the $30 for it to be done right.