Stopped BAD print, Now printer wont move any axis or extruder

I have the taz 4.1 at work. We got her fired up and printing last week. She had been sitting in the corner unused for the last year. We did a few of the sample prints and once i learned a bit more about temps and surfaces we had a successful voronoi tower printed. Next day if started the printer and did the preheat, Ran the extruder to clean it a bit and make sure i have a good filament line coming out. I attempted to print the venus de milo sample (SD CARD) and her base started to curve eventually becoming unstable at around the halfway point. She rocked herself out of position and when i discovered this it was a half statue with a glob of melted plastic on top about the size of a quarter. I stopped the print and cleared the mess. After resetting the printer with the reset switch. I started it back up, preheated the unit. But when i sent the unit to “home” Nothing moved. So i attempted to manually via control interface the machine. I chose 1mm for every axis, the extruder one at a time. Nothing is moving. Nothing is functioning. I can physically move the components in the XYZ directions so the unit isnt jammed, and my switches function i checked with a multimeter and manually activated them in checking for “open/closed” indication. What can i do to fix this or troubleshoot further.

Thanks guys in advance. Hope you all had a good holiday.

You probably blew one of the two grain of rice sized fuses on the Rambo board, and they will need to be replaced. The fuses are inexpensive though. The lulzbot store or has them.

Here are the fuses in question: You can check them for continuity with a multimeter to verify that it needs to be replaced.

Here’s where they are located on the RAMBo: