Stuck ABS filament in TAZ 5?

Hello all!

Until Friday of last week, I have been having a blast with the TAZ 5, but since then, not so much. I changed out to try and print a HIPS print. I preheated to the proper temps. The print began okay, but when I checked it Saturday, the printer had jammed. So I got it extruding again, printed the bed level file from the SD card and restarted the print. It quit/jammed after about 30 min.

The hobbled bolt is grinding the filament which means, I guess, that the hot end is clogged. So I switched back to ABS and tried to load it up. I got some of the stuck HIPS to extrude, but then it stopped. The hobbled bolt is now grinding the ABS. What is worse is that I now cannot get the ABS back out! It is stuck in there like it has been stuck in a vise!

And yes, the tension bolts are loose. :slight_smile: The filament went down past the heat sink, but doesn’t appear to be going below that. Any ideas?


I would suggest taking your hotend apart and checking it out. You may have a metal burr from manufacturing that came loose and stuck in the nozzle.

You could also try extruding some esun cleaning resin filament. That stuff is fantastic.

You didn’t mention how long you have had your printer, so I’ll assume you’re new to 3D printing. If that’s the case, welcome :smiley:.

When taking apart your hotend, be careful. I am not familiar with the hexagon hot end. But with mine, the E3D V6, you need to heat up the hot end to remove the nozzle. It will be hot, so again, be careful. Use some heat resistant gloves or fabric to handle it.

Wow! That was quick! AWESOME! Thanks sstantz.

I’ve had it for about 4 weeks, so yes, I am new to TAZ, but I did some trial printing last summer with another cheaper printer that shall remain nameless.

I’m gonna ask a stupid question: When taking apart the hot end, that means removing the brass (?) nozzle at the bottom of the print head, correct? To take it apart, I will heat the extruder to 160-165, brace the block with pliers and use a second pair of pliers/wrench to remove the tip. The stupid question is: do I turn the tip clockwise or counter clockwise (as I look down on the printer) to remove it?

Will that free the ABS that is stuck in it? I really don’t know what happened there. I had heated the extruder, inserted the ABS, pulled it out because I didn’t think it had gone in all the way, reinserted it and BAM! couldn’t pull it back out again! At any rate, I don’t think I’ll use HIPS again any time soon! :frowning:

Thanks again for responding!


I have no experience with HIPS, but I have heard it is easy to “burn”. So maybe that is the problem.

Yes you will be removing the brass nozzle.
I know that 160C is a good temp to remove the Buda hotend nozzle, but I don’t know about the Hex.
You will be turning CCwise if you are looking into the nozzle (looking up at the printer when the hotend is installed)

For my E3D V6, I remove the nozzle at high temperature (around 285 C). I imagine the Hex is similar to the V6, in that it has a nozzle with male threads. The reason the E3D nozzle comes off at high temperature, is because it is installed at high temp. When the hotend cools to a lower temp, the heater block shrinks and tightens everything up to eliminate leaking. **** please someone with a Hex confirm a good temperature to remove the nozzle.