TAZ 4 Failed Prints

I am having a lot of trouble getting my TAZ 4 to complete prints. I am usually able to get it to print for about 30-45 minutes but then it mostly stops extruding (see picture). I am using a Slic3r profile provided by LULZBOT (PLA/Medium linked here: https://www.lulzbot.com/content/taz-slic3r-profiles) but have had this problem no matter what software I use. I have tried temps from 190 to 230 with very little success. I am also using the V2 extruder head which is a big improvement over the head that shipped with the machine but still significant problems. The frustrating thing is that when it is actually printing the part looks great. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Not knowing much about your setup and slicing parameters, the two things that I would check:

  1. does your filament move freely through the entire print? I have had issues like this when my filament has gotten “wedged” somewhere before the extruder. For me, this usually happens with new spools of filament when the filament pops over the edge of the spool and gets itself wrapped around the axle. :frowning:
  2. are your material cooling fans cooling down the hotend? I recently built a mangrove extruder and used the dual fans on high. The hotend cooled some much that the filament jammed in the hotend. :blush:

Thanks for the tips. My filament does not seem to have any problems getting from the spool to the extruder, but I’ll try turning down the hot end cooling fan to see if that helps.