Suggestions MOARstruder v2 Install TAZ 5 Workflow

I just got the MOARstruder and ran through the install instructions for my TAZ5.
All-in-all a great write-up and first print is running now…

However, a few things struck me as needing to be updated and/or some improvements.

  1. [minor] step 16B - my Cura v21.04 actually says “Material” (instead of “Material ease of use”)
  2. adjusting the z-stop - I’m assuming you’ll want everything up to temp before checking the gap, so it probably makes more sense to remove the calibration filament first, wait for temp, then work on the z-stop gap before putting in the sample filament. Otherwise, you’ll end up trying to work on that gap with a bunch of filament ooze. (I learned that the hard way.) So it might just be easiest to move steps 20-21 to between 18 & 19.
  3. [major] I’m 90% certain the wording in step 21B is going to cause folks some issues. “…a piece of paper folded over 4 times…” means 16 layers of paper. Standard 20lb paper is typically about 0.097mm thick so folding 4 times (2^4 layers) is 1.552mm which more than the max layer height of the MOARstruder (at 1.2mm). I suspect better wording would be “…four sheets of paper (or folded twice to make 4 layers)…”. This would be about 0.388mm which seems a bit more reasonable and much closer to the pictured gap.

Cheers, all