🛠 Support page revamp

Hello Everybody!

We are once again asking for your suggestions!

With our website getting up update, our support landing page needs a bit of a face lift as well.
We want to make it a bit easier for our users to find the information that is most useful to them.

Currently, the information there is very to the point and we want to know what you would like to see if you were looking for information and ventured there.

Some ideas include printer specific pages that may link directly to their respective guides, manuals, and assembly instructions.

We would love your feedback and suggestions to make it easier!

Include printer specific pages with links
More photos

We are definitely looking into something like this:

That is definitely a work in progress.

There should probably be two to three “layers” of support - “user”, “maintainer” and “developer”.

User covers the basics of setup, printing, basic troubleshooting, links to relevant ohai.lulzbot.com pages, recommended test prints to attempt, and how to photograph them and the machine for best help from official support and power users.

Maintainer level needs to explain the various addition sites - devel.lulzbot.com, download.lulzbot.com … and then developer how to help on github and similar.

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