I don't know what I don't know

Good afternoon, everyone. I apologize, but I find myself out of sorts with my new Workhorse, and I don’t know how to find the information for basic troubleshooting. My workhorse shipped with missing screws on the motor mounts, and the SD reader doesn’t work. Following sending it out for repair, it has returned and continues to present problems that I don’t know how to research.

I’ve attempted a number of very basic prints and problems range from warping to the print head dragging.

Is there a basic series of tutorial, organized in sequence to follow?

This printer was intended to iterate on PPE for our local hospital and it has now taken months simply to find myself unable to solve basic problems.

Thank you in advance.

here is link I have you may find help on youtube too.
download and watch the How_It’s_Made , video and you will see the bed level test

first step is to make sure the Y frame is square with your Z , I think the first link shows the assymbley and should tell all that is need . some of these or factory manuals so it still would not hurt to see if the printer was assembled correctly.

second step is bed level ( after you know the frame is square)


Thank you for taking the time to share this out. I will look into all of this.

Have you tried calling Lulzbot? It’s been a while but I had called them when I was new to the game and they listened, then got me going. Here’s the # I called 1-970-377-1111

Thanks for this. I leaned on them for hardware support, but not a walkthrough on the actual printing. I made contact with a friend this week who knows this stuff and the prints are getting better- 1 mm at a time!

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