swaping back from the flexystruder

OHAI doesn’t mention anything about swapping back. When I changed the e-steps for the flexstruder it had originally read 0 (or I’m dyslectic) for the single extruder. after swapping back the e-steps still show the value for the flexystruder do I leave this alone, set it back to 0 or do I need to figure it out

The e-steps should be set around 800. I would start with 800 and then use the following link to calibrate your extruder.


thanks, I was hoping I wasn’t gonna have to go through all that but I’m getting first layer adhesion issues leaving it where it is. no biggy just a pain in the ars

The NEMA motors on the flexy and normal extruders are the same, so the only real variable in the e-steps between the two should be the hobbed bolt. Those are made on the same jig, but may have been different production runs and may have some variance. What I did was order several additional hobbed bolts from Lulzbot, use calipers to find the ones that were closest in tolerances, then calibraate the extruder e-steps to those bolts. That way I can generally swap one extruder for another without having to change the esteps. It works pretty well generally, though there could be some improvements.

I would recommend you write on a sticker on the back of the carriage the E-Steps for the extruder then when you change back and forth you just read the label and enter that when needed. :ugeek:

well crap! any value I enter including 0 changes nothing. It continues to extrude the same 95mm when told 100

Make sure you choose the “Save settings” option on the LCD after changing the value. I’m not near my machine at the moment but should be something like save settings or save values.

EDIT: My bad didn’t notice this was in the mini forum

mini has no control panel. did I post this in the TAZ board? I cleaned the bed really good and everything seems fine. Think maybe the mini is just even that much more automated over my TAZ. Still seems odd to have to enter a value for the flexystruder and not the OG

OHAI - Step 23 on setting up the Mini with the Flexystruder on the Mini talks about changing back the extruder. Did that not work for you?

To switch back to the original tool head, follow the same steps outlined in this guide, except this time, select the Standard LulzBot Mini tool head and options.

HA! missed that sentence. That’s what I had done anyway, but there’s no options only says cura is ready to be used then opens the machine settings (if that’s what you mean). changing the e-steps at that point does nothing. I’ve got it set at 0 right now and it printed fine

Changing the E-Steps back to ‘0’ is probably the ‘options’ it is talking about. :confused: