Taz6 hotend options

I have a Taz6 that I bought 5 or 6 years ago. It has lived at home as an occasional use machine. Love it.

Well, the hotend keeps clogging. New nozzle, clogged, so I took it all apart, and as best I can tell, it’s just shot.

I have a like new Flexidually V2 that I can cannibalize for parts, but I’m interested in seeing if anyone out there has had luck with an aftermarket hotend swap - I’m specifically looking for something that could potentially drop in replace the stock one since my only printer is down and I don’t have the ability to print parts to retrofit some newer hotend. Like, can I get a V6 that I can bolt on and start using? I’m not looking to up my performance really, just get this thing up and running again.

I also don’t have the budget for the $400 spend for a new extruder from Lulzbot, so that’s not an option.

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice.

I’d suggest that you look for a used tool head like this one on ebay. Another possibility is one from itworks3d like this one.

If you have a like new Flexidually V2 then why can’t you use that if you need to print parts?

It’s more expensive but I had constant issues with the stock hot end on a used Taz6 I rehabbed back to life over the summer.

I bought the M175 but haven’t had a chance to install it. (I got into remote controlled flying and I haven’t touched a printer in weeks!)

For me, I like that it is a supported device in their Cura. I have a lot of experience with Bondtech and Slice engineering. Bonus is I have 20 machines that use 1.75mm filament so it’s easier to feed this machine the same material as the others!