T-nuts for TAZ 6

The T-nuts that are used in the TAZ 6 have to be inserted into the slot from the end. I believe there are T-nuts that can be inserted into the slot in the middle of the rail and then turn when tightened to grip. Does anyone know where I can source this second type of T-nut? What size is needed? How about a source and size for the original T-nuts?

The t-slot rails on the taz 6 are about 5mm wide. The “slip in” t-nuts need a slot a little bigger than 6mm. I have tried several types of slip-in nuts but haven’t found one that can fit in anywhere but the end.

I ended up using a dab of silicone glue to anchor the nuts in the right place so I can work on the machine without having to flip it around.

The extrusion size is not the standard “Euro” size for 20mm extrusions. I’ve found that 80/20 Inc has compatible extrusions and hardware. Here’s the T-nut I’m using currently – it’s a bit expensive, but it a “roll-in” style that does not need to be inserted from the end. It’s also available in 4mm and 5mm sizes, but I’ve not yet tried those sizes (3mm has been completely able to support my LED lighting for the printer bed.)




IMO, it isn’t the T-nut that’s expensive, its the shipping and handling!

I usually get the slide in ones from the Openbuilds store, or the drop in retrofit ones from makerstoolworks.com I like the drop in ones because I can bolt things on the rail without taking it apart, but they are usually kind of spendy. I got a ridiculously good deal one time so I bought a few thousand of them though, so there is that.

So to confirm… is it M3 T Nuts we get to be able to drop into the rail without having to disassemble and slide in. Something similar to this:

Just wanted to confirm before I purchased. Printing a top rail spool holder and wanted to make sure it was secured well.

“Similar” to that “https://www.amazon.com/OCR-T-Nuts-Nicke … +Nut&psc=1” yes! However, I can confirm those do not fit into the slots of the Taz 6 frame. They’re too big to drop in. They might slide in from the end, I don’t know I didn’t want to disassemble my frame end to find out. Those fit into a 2020 Series aluminum frame. These fit into my Anet A2 3D printer (used as a laser engraver) and that of course is made from 2020 & 2040 aluminum pieces. Looks like the slot opening is ~5mm on the TAZ 6 and ~7mm on the Anet A2.

I have mounted a spool holder on top of my TAZ 6 sometime last year, I think I got some nuts small enough too fit in there and fished the bolt into the threads through the spool holder base. It was a real PITA. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2805599

As an alternative here’s a clever design to make your own t-nuts via 3D printing combined with a regular hex nut.

Not sure if this would fit your need, but I’m a big fan of these https://www.shopitemwest.com/t-slot-nut-5-st-m3-bright-zinc-plated-0.0.437.19

5mm slot drop-in T-nuts (or V-nuts… they’re the same) should be easily available… I found 5 on ebay (tip try your country ebay AND ebay.uk ebay.co.uk ebay.com as well ) and several engineers merchants (nut & bolt sellers) that list them as well