Nuts and bolts to attach accessories to fram of TAZ 5

Is there a supply of the bolts and “nuts” that fit into the channels of the frame of the Taz 5?

They are called T-slot nuts and once you determine the size, they can be found, for example, on Amazon. There are two types, one type has an actual T shape but it must be inserted from the end of the channel. The other type can be inserted in the middle of the channel and then rotated into position. The ones I linked are of the second type.

I believe you can determine the correct size by looking at the BOM for the TAZ 5 on the Lulzbot web site. Failing that, you can measure the channel rail and go from there.

You asked for bolts and nuts. Once you have the nuts, you just need the correct (metric) bolt to match.

Thanks I really appreciate your insight and recommendations.

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You can find them here: