How to replace TAZ 6 bed nuts?

A couple of my TAZ 6 bed connecting nuts have been stripped so I can no-longer remove them with the Allen-Key. What is the part ID to replace them? What is the best strategy to remove the existing nuts?

1.) you can try a screw extractor kit. That’ll have you drilling a pilot hole in the center of the existing screw. Then insert a tool that’s threaded in opposite direction than normal, meaning as you tighten the threaded insert you’ll be loosening the existing screw. Turning in the counter clockwise direction as the threaded insert attempts to thread itself into that pilot hole.

2.). Try and saw in some slits on the edge of the stripped out allen head screw so that you can insert a regular flat tip screw driver in the slits / slot and losses the screw.

3.). Super glue a disposable allen wrench or something of the like and twist out when the bond is secure.

The screws aren’t that deep and shouldn’t be too tight. I would try option 2 first.

I bought some disposable allen wrenches and I tried superglueing them. This did not work. An electrical engineer friend of mine later opined that the shear-strength of superglue is notoriously low.

I was able to remove the stripped nuts by using a snake-wrench (KNIPEX 87 01 250 Cobra®) along the outside of the washers. Thank you for your help JoeBlower300.