TAZ 3...

Yesterday arrived home my recently purchased TAZ 2, that I’ve been saving money for a long time. Great, right? But yeah, the same day I log in on Facebook and discover that now they have a TAZ 3… I know that not much has changed, but it just upsets me that someone couldn’t just tell me to wait a little more or hold my product for one more week and upgrade it (since it’s the same price or less)… Yeah, I’m just letting it out.

I know exactly how you feel…Just bought a car…and find out a new model is coming out next year :cry: …should have waited I guess. But then of course a new model will come out the year after that, and so-on.

At least with the TAZ, you can Print most of the upgrades yourself (can’t do that with a car, or most other products.)

BTW, the development files for the TAZ 3.0 have been up for a little while on lulzbots Open website, and I think it was even mentioned in this forum too ( https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/lulzbot-taz-3/366/1 )…That is as close as you will ever get to “someone couldn’t just tell me to wait a little more” from ANY company.

There is a longer thread about this here:

The thing is, you know that there will be a new car every year. TAZ 2 only lasted something like 2 months? Try to print a new heatbed…