TAZ 4/5 Y Axis end plate STL?

I found a solidworks drawing here of the Y-axis front end plate for the TAZ 3 (I do believe these were the same for the TAZ 4 and 5 as well). The y-axis back plate that attaches to the motor mount appears to be correct, but the y-axis front plate that attaches to the bearing holder does not. It is the Y_axis_end.SLDPRT solidworks drawing:

For those without solidworks here is what the drawing looks like from the Lulzbot source:

Here is what I believe it should look like:

I printed this to start making another TAZ 4/5 but noticed when comparing it to my existing TAZ 3 that it was different. So I decided well maybe they changed it on the TAZ 4/5, but after looking around that doesn’t appear to be the case.

When comparing it to the bearing holder it just didn’t make sense. I hope I am wrong because I wasted a lot of time printing it haha.

This is what I think the y-axis front plate should look like:

So does anyone know a reliable source for TAZ y-axis end plate STL files or solidworks drawings? This is the first time the Lulzbot file bank has let me down :cry:

In the same place I found the “incorrect y-axis front plate” I believe I found the correct one:

Can anyone confirm that this is indeed the correct file?

For anyone interested I modeled it in SolidWorks and I will create an STL file from this. If you want the file let me know and I’ll upload it.

These are the drawings used:


We don’t have an STL posted as it’s not printed. Post your STL- someone will be interested in it. the Z@ builders here have a printable Y plate: https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/clone-3d-printers/1531/1

In accordance to the pdf drawings that Orias posted:

Here are the solidworks and STL files that I have created from the drawings:
(note that the stl files will probably have to be rotated to print)

It is also important to note that these parts are NOT symmetrical, although they appear to be.
y_axis_end_back.STL (83.7 KB)
y_axis_end_back.SLDPRT (168 KB)
y_axis_end_front.STL (83.1 KB)
y_axis_end_front.SLDPRT (193 KB)

Thank you for making and posting these, would you consider uploading them to thingiverse too?

There definitly is a difference between the taz 3 and the taz 4/5 you motor mount plate. The idler side seems to be identical. The 6 however changes that one up.

I think the Taz 3 had the same printed y end plates as the Taz 2.

Mine were metal. But they are drilled differently. Some of the earlier 3s might have had plastic ones.