TAZ 4 adhesion problems and "Wait for user" on LCD screen

We recently received a brand-new TAZ 4 at work (most of our 3D printers are Makerbot Replicator 2 machines) and I’m having a lot of problems with it. I’m printing in 3mm PLA and when we print, the extruded filament sticks to the nozzle and creates a “snotball” that just builds up around the nozzle. On the rare occasion that I can actually get a usable outline from it, the fill comes out very badly. I’ve tried putting glue stick or painter’s tape on the print bed’s PET film, but the results are always the same. I’m using the recommended slic3r settings for PLA (fast/low quality, no supports).

I’m also having problems printing from the SD card. When I put a .gcode file on the SD card and try to print from it, I get a “Wait for user…” message on the LCD that I can’t seem to get around. (Clicking the wheel/button on the LCD just takes me back to the menu.) The only reference I could find to “wait for user” was in the Marlin_main.cpp source code (under the “#ifdef ULTIPANEL” declaration).

What am I doing wrong here? I’m doing everything by the book that I can think of.

The extrusion problem is the first thing to address. You should be able to raise the z axis to around 50mm and extrude (i use 100mm) and get a nice round coil of plastic thread. if that’s not happening and still getting a snotball. then nozzle is clogged or temp too low for that PLA. I use cheap PLA and have to extrude at 200c that well above the factory recomendation. One brand I cook it at 205.

As to adhesion… check out this thread. https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/pei-bed-surface/690/1 people have had huge success with various thicknesses and mounting from tape to clips. Personally, I have a 1/8" sheat ordered from amazon held to the bare glass plate (I assume it will work over the klapton as well) with 5 3/4" strips of transfer tape also ordered from amazon. after bed leveling I have had no issues with adhesion or warpage.

Can’t address the SD card, have never used it.

Mind posting the Gcode file you are trying to print? There may be some Gcode that’s been inserted in your file that’s literally waiting for user input…