Taz 4 modified to 5 Selling ALL my Taz CRAP!!

I have 7 Taz Printers and they all work just fine. The reason I am getting rid of them is because the customer service SUCKS!! I bought the Flexi dually V2 I ordered it because of a client I have that needed prototypes. It came in broken ( the abs bottom plate) No big deal I just printed up a new one. This is after I had it in my possession for 31 days unopened. I found this out when I opened it (past the 30day warranty) The Fexi extruder would not extrude properly and ended up completely messed up. I have been doing this a long time and have spent a ton of money through them. So I called and they really didn’t want to help but said they would take a look at it. Well I got it back and the replaced a few of the plastic parts but basically just through it together. No calibrations were done and it is still not working. I lost a $60,000 a year client because of this. I will no longer endorse their customer service or products ever again. Yes, I am extremely pissed and have the right to be!! SO if your interested in any of them I can send you print videos anything you want. They are dialed in perfectly and run at a speed of 135%. I also have V1 and V2 extruders and a V1 dual extuder. Make me any reasonable offer and they are your!!

I’m gonna have to say that I have never had a negative experience with Lulzot Customer Service. They are amazing to work with and have always been in my experience.

Same here - great experience with Lulzbot Customer Service.
I can tell you are really frustrated by your passive/aggressiveness.
My experience is that most people in CS truly want to help you out.
You need to make it easy for them to do that.
Your post here is ostensibly to sell your gear, but your rant about how much it sucks negates that premise.
I would try to approach it more calmly and less emotionally.
You said - “The Fexi extruder would not extrude properly and ended up completely messed up.”
Maybe someone here could help you figure it out if you asked…

Best regards,

Im sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your 3d printer. I personally have never experienced the quality and professionalism that the Lulzbot Customer Service team exhibited on upwards of 50 times in the last 2 1/2 years since I bought my Taz 4. they have spent literally days worth of their time, making it their mission to help me with any questions, hardware, software and even about things that have no relation to their product. They helped me with the installation of my E3D V6 Hot End, with a smile. I love this company because the make a solid product they stand behind, their open source, and the company is dedicated to perfection. Best printer on the market.

Keep up the outstanding “Award Winning” work!
Overly Satisfied Customer for Life

Do you have pictures and prices? I’m interested in picking up another unit.

I guess not as interested in selling as they posted…