New TAZ Pro 2nd extruder not lowering

We just purchased 2 new TAZ Pros and have 4 other TAZ6s in our inventory. On one of the TAZ Pro’s the 2nd extruder will not lower. We have tried printing with it and it does print but from the upper (i.e. not lowered) position which is clearly not correct. We did a quick inspection and could not find anything immediately wrong. I have opened a support ticket and we have been dragging our feet a little bit since the other TAZ Pro appears to be working fine and I have 20+ other printers to maintain, but now with the pending Aleph problems, I am very concerned about getting help before help is no longer available.

Sorry I have not done more troubleshooting, but I will this week. I am just hoping for a quick point in the right direction. Thanks in advance. You can find out at:

You might check this out. It was an issue for me.

Unfortunately it was one of several issues and I’ve nearly given up on getting my Pro to work consistently. It even went in for RMA and continued to have issues. Sadly, Lulzbot appears to be dying so there is little hope for me with this machine.

Good luck!

So here is the sequence for me if it helps anyone else. I’ve reached out to support several times but given their cutbacks I don’t think anyone is home.

  • I struggled for weeks to get consistent prints out
  • Discovered that extruder 1 was not actuating all the way down consistently
  • Support sent me the article I linked, and I put the plate in the right way
  • Continued to see issues
  • Sent in for an RMA
  • It came back and had strange calibration settings and I could not get consistent prints at all even after correcting them
  • I’m noticing now that extruder 1’s actuation is extremely inconsistent, varying by up to a few mm each time it is extended into place

I don’t know what if anything can be done at this point given that they are basically dead. I hope the claims that they will handle warranty is true.

My leading option right now is to consider donating the machine to someplace that can (a) give me a tax write off and (b) has someone willing to tinker with it far more than I am.

I will say that I also have the SL toolhead and it prints with that ok, so perhaps the issue is “only” a faulty dual extruder toolhead (basically the only reason I bought this machine).

The situation really sucks! Sucks on both sides! Wish I could help but I have no knowledge about the pro. I hope they get you fixed up and take care of you, but it’s sounding doubtful. :neutral_face:

@Bmarsh, thanks for the tips. I have not had time to try this out, but will do so soon. I have not heard anything back from my support request to LulzBot which is not too surprising considering their status.

I am in a pretty similar situation to you - I think at least 1 of these 2 Pros is going to be a “test” platform or simply spare parts for the other. Really disappointing… we were very satisfied with the TAZ6 and we even had some input into the Pro and to end up with this condition is pretty sad.

Oh well, back to Ultimaker…

Sorry for the double post but these are both good points.

I might be able to help you on the first point. I work for a government and educational institution and we have a Foundation that accepts gifts. If you are serious about donating, we might be able to accept and give you a write off or you can claim that you gave to an educational instituition. I teach a 3D printing class and manage several undergrad projects - for example, last year we took 1 of my good TAZ6s and tried to convert it to print Ultem following NASA specs. Sadly we have not finished yet so we “trashed” that printer for now as well.

I think I have an SL toolhead laying around also so maybe will go that route.

You can PM me for discussion or easily look me up at Thanks again.

I always feel stupid when we find something this obvious but I did finally get through to LulzBot support (with 2 days to spare) and they told me to check wiring inside the control tower - we had been checking cabling only on the extruder.

Very simple fix, once we saw the attached…