Taz 4 on display at the Arecibo Observatory Visitor Center

Hey all,

Just wanted to share this! We have our Taz 4 on display until next week in honor of World Space Week. Talking to a lot of people and youngsters about 3d printing and what it can do, and handing out prints when we can.

Talking Lulzbot up to as many people as we can. Thanks to Lulzbot and the community for all your help!

Anthony Ford,
Receiver Specialist and 3d printer wrangler,
Arecibo Observatory

Very cool! We’re glad to see our printer being used in such a renowned facility!

Also, Arecibo has had a special place in my heart. It helped spark my interest in Science and Tech so much so that this happened:

Very cool, thanks!


Well, if you ever head out this way, we’d be glad to give you the VIP tour! Funny enough, one of the items we’ve been printing to hand out to the kids is a small Arecibo Message model. We have a handout/coloring activity that accompanies it.

We’ve also been using our Taz for “real” work too :slight_smile: We’ve used it to prototype structures that go in one of the cryogenic dewars, as well as printing parts for a robot designed by one of our summer students.