Taz 4 w/ABS layers are splitting apart

I just got my TAZ 4 and was able to print the octopus without any issues. I’m creating a top for a plastic jar and everything seems to be printing fine except the wall layers on the top are splitting apart after printing. I’m drawing the top in FreeCAD and then using slic3 to create the gcode. I’m using 3mm ABS white filament from IC 3D. My current bed settings are at 85C and I’ve tried 230 and 235 for the extruder. I’ve also increased my infill density to 25%.

Please let me know what else I should check or try.


Check the diameter of your filament. With one spool I had, changing from the default (2.89mm) to 2.84 (average of ten measurements of the diameter) made a huge difference.

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There are dozens of threads here regarding this issue.

You should enclose your printer in a box to trap in heat, and avoid cooling cross drafts.
ABS shrinks quickly when cooled.

You want ambient temperature around entire printer to be somewhere between 90-100F when printing ABS.

Are you using the Lulzbot provided configurations for ABS?
Are you using the cooling fan when printing? You don’t want to use fan with ABS unless you’re printing overhangs or bridges.

You can “glue” ABS cracks back together using super glue, or acetone.

LOL We really need a sticky thread up at the top with something along the lines of “So your layers are splitting apart. Here is what you need to try!.”