I printed the test octopus twice, but the layers separated.

I used the ABS filament piece that was included with the printer and I used a new roll of ABS filament, and the layers separated both times. Is there a solution to this?

Model - TAZ 4
Filament - ABS
Layer thickness - .3 mm
Nozzle temp - 230
Bed temp - 110

There’s at least 100 threads here on ABS delamination issues.

  1. What software you using? Slic3r? Pronterface? Did you use a Lulzbot ABS profile?
  2. How fast are you extruding? Might want to attach the gcode you used.
  3. Fan on or off during print?
  4. Printer enclosed - or open to drafts and cool air and such?
  5. Lulzbot ABS - or some other “brand” of ABS?

You may want to lower bed temp. Try 95c. ABS shrinks when it cools.
You may also want to change layer thickness. Try something like .25mm or .20mm. See if that helps.
Make sure your fan is off for entire print.