I upgraded my TAZ 4 to a TAZ 6 using the OHAI Kit instructions. I loaded the TAZ 6 dual extruder firmware.

The end stops status always stays the same regardless of whether I manually trigger them or not
End Stop Status Stays The Same.JPG
Also, the control box fan runs at twice the speed when I try to move the x, y or z axis via the lcd and the axis do not move.

Are there some firmware changes I need to do when upgrading from the 4 to the 6?

Any ideas why the end stop status does not change?

If the endstop always says open or triggered regardless of the current endstop switch position, you have a short or a missing electrical segment. Easiest way that happens is if the control box runs got swapped somewhere,

If you place the carriages in the center of their travel you should have no triggers of the end stops. But the Z max trigger tells me you have a wiring error be it a wrong switch leads connected to or wires wrong.