TAZ 40mm Fan Mount Designs/Revisions

Hi! i thought now that ive finally had success with my own custom fan mount i might share what ive done to see if anyone might benefit from this design. I haven’t posted on thingiverse before but if there is interest i would be more than happy to share my design.

A little history (very little :slight_smile: ):

I wanted to design a fan duct based around those 40mm fans you can get from radioshack so the hole placements and everything are relative to that. I created a few designs in the beginning, first was a dual duct system that split the duct in two and curved around to blow air from about a 30 degree from the front and the back ( not pictured here),

next was this “odd” looking circular duct attempt that actually works! in theory i wanted to achieve a sort of vortex air movement and cooling on all sides and top of the print while bypassing the nozzle. the obvious problem with this is that i used PLA just cuz im lazy so you can imagine, being that the design calls for direct contact with the extruder head (and the heating block) it can cause for a bit of a soft goopey fan duct only after a couple of uses. (it was the smell that made me ditch it mainly)

Also, with my new designs, i knew i wanted to get as close to the tip of the extruder as possible and around its perimeter, this meant ditching the stock bed corners and I came up with this design, (i call em’ my “low-profile bed corners” or my “hellaflush bedcorners” :smiling_imp: ) Printed in PLA for hardness, They use a built in lip that actually secures the bed glass corners without any extra junk ontop. its slightly concave on top for added strength but ive even shaved some of that off for my front right bed corner to acheive even more clearance. Ive used these corners now at even very high printing speeds and there hasn’t been any issues at all (namely, bed trying to pop out of corner or something like that :ugeek: )

And now for my workhorse:

This is my latest (and pretty much final) design that seems to have accomplished everything i wanted. hopefully looking at the 3d model you can figure out how the airflow works, it creates just enough high pressure to really get a very fast cooling on the filament. In the pictures you can see how the whole rig looks parked at “home” with my hellaflush bed corners installed :smiling_imp:

I print my PLA at 192 as i find it helps with my interlayer adhesion alot more, so having this type of rapid cooling is a must, and i couldnt get it before with other fan designs, now i can get very very small details, such as tips of cones or towers without ever over heating. Im getting lazy again so ill stop typing but if anyone one has questions or advice, feel free! thank you!

Thank you!!!

nicely done!

These are awesome! If you don’t mind, please do post STLs :slight_smile:

Feel free to upload here or to Bld3r (http://www.bld3r.com/) and post link here.