Taz 5 and Mosaic 2 pro

Has anyone used the Mosaic 2 pro (1.75mm) with the converter kit they sell so that it can be used with a Taz 5 (3mm)? The part they sell is like $10. I’m wondering if I need to convert the extrude head/nozzle/whatever to work with 1.75mm
Any other insights would be most welcomed!!

Thanks in advance,

The kit has a idler with a clip for the tube from the the palette and 2 PTFE tubes that you put in the extruder to convert it to 1.75mm.
You will probably need to make adjustments to the retraction settings and travel speed settings to get it work.

Due to the PTFE tube in the hot end you have to keep the temperature under 230C.

I have a tool head that is dedicated to the Palette Pro so that I can easily switch back to a stock configuration to print with other materials.

Currently the support for the Canvas Hub isn’t available for the TAZ so you will have to deal with the issues with missing pings/ color getting out of sync. Make sure to contact Mosaic support before ordering to make sure you have the latest info and correct configuration for your TAZ 5