Taz5 upgrade directions

I have functional printer which I use as a “daily” driver but I also own 2 old TAZ5 machines that are bit obsolete now. After getting spoiled with new printer.
So I started thinking how can I improve TAZ5 to bridge the gap. I got BLTouch and installed custom firmware on Rambo board.

It does the probing OK, but problem is that my bed clips are too tall, as I already ran BLTouch into left top corner. So bed upgrade is first thing I want to do.

Can I upgrade to TAZ6 type with washers, easily? Would that prevent running sensor to the edge?
Also magnetic bed would be nice… what would I need for that?

Toolhead wobbles a bit, so I am wondering is it worth getting 12mm rod upgrade?

It can be set in your firmware where the safe margin is, but you can avoid that change and just set your probe extents in your startup GCODE. Left extent Right extent Front extent Back extent

G29 L15 R265 F15 B265; probe corners inset

Adjust as necessary for your probe location.

Thanks for that. Is the position relative to the nozzle ? As my BLT is offset from nozzle towards the edge which would be affected.

Am I correct to assume L=x1+x2 and F=y1+y2?
B and R shouldnt matter…

L = X min
R = X max
F = Y min
B = Y max

The machine takes your probe offsets into account when doing it, so just put the coordinate where your probe can touch.

I’m not certain if all four arguments are necessary, but I’d put them in anyway.

That didnt work for me.
Here is the log.

[21:01:47] G29 L35 F35
[21:01:47] ?Invalid storage slot.
[21:01:47] ?Use 0 to 31

I tries the command you sent with L15 and that didnt give an error. But sensor again ran into the bed clip. (Well I anticipated that so I remove the clip).

By measuring the offset, my sensor is 30mm to the left and 30mm to the front of the nozzle.

The custom firmware you’re using looks like it’s using unified bed leveling instead of the bilinear that that command works with.

Somebody more familiar with UBL might be able to help, but you might just need to change your safe probing area.

Also, the glass bed has enough weight it would probably stay put if you just removed the clips.

I also have a older taz that I am modernizing. I removed the pei sheet and replaced it with a magnetic sheet and the octograb steel plate. I found new bed corners on thingiverse to account for the thickness change and use washers to use as low profile tabs.

I also did the 12mm X axis swap a while back and used roller bearings instead of the igus ones.

What magnetic sheet are you using?

It was a generic 300 x 300 one from Amazon. I didn’t what to spend the money on the whole modular bed and just got the top plate.