TAZ 5 Dual Extruder V3 Issues

Hey everyone,

Been working with my DEv3 for a while and it’s causing some high levels of frustration.

  1. No matter what I do, the feeder gears chew up the filament and make it impossible for it to grab and feed. This happens with both extruders. This is getting to the point where it’s wasting all of the test PolyDissolve that was included with the DEv3. I calibrated it with the included idler tool and this still happens. It feels like it’s getting jammed in the nozzle somehow. I then have to remove the filament, the idler, and then clean that feeder gear, which is extremely tedious doing it every single time I load filament.
  2. I manually set the Z-Offset and after I start a print it seems like it completely disregards what I set and it appears to be up a millimeter or two, or it looks like it’s directly on the build plate or even pushing down on it. I used a thin piece of paper as a spacer (actually the Z-Offset card from my Robo R2) on all 4 corners with both extruders and it feels fine up until a print gets started.
    Also since the TAZ 5 doesn’t have a Z-Offset setting anymore for some reason, I mean I’m setting the end stop.

I have not had a successful print at all.
It doesn’t even extrude filament during prints.

Please help me.
This has gotten to the point beyond frustrating.


When you load the filament, are you turning the gear so that it extrudes a bit out of the nozzle? I find that the filament may get hung up where the extruder body meets the cold side of the hotend (heatsink). Make sure the motors are “off” to advance the filament through the extruder.

As for the offset, try re-flashing the firmware. Also check the settings in the eeprom through the M501 command. Look for any Z offsets.

I was indeed making sure they both extruded before doing anything else. However, they would still jam after some extrusion and then cause the feeder gears to chew up the filament. And now it appears that my primary extruder is clogged, seems the filament broke off when I was removing it because it had been chewed up again, even after I heated it up. I haven’t even been able to try printing again.

I have attached a screen shot of what came up after the M501 command. It appears that there aren’t any Z offsets set.

Doesn’t look like there is a Z-offset stored in the eeprom. It would be the M206 line.

Are you heating up the nozzles before using the feeler (business card) to check nozzle height?

Make sure to clean the teeth on the hobbed gear after the filament is ground down. How deep are the grinds in the filament (how much filament is left of the 3mm… 2mm or 1mm)?

What are you feeding into T0/E1/Left extruder? Try an inexpensive filament like PLA or ABS…

After you remove the filament, are there teeth marks left left from the hobbed gear?

I’d normally say to extrude a little hotter and give the idler screws another turn…