Taz 5 Extruder issue.

So I was in the middle of a fairly large print. I left for about a half an hour, and when I returned the printer was clogged. So i tried the cold pull and everything I could think of. I’ve tried scraping it, trying to get safety pins in, etc… Now I have taken the thing apart down to the extruder. I took off the screw that was on the heat sink, and it fell and I lost it. I really need to get this thing working soon, it’s been out of commission for almost a week now. Can I continue to try to unclog the extruder, or is that small bolt on the heat sink really important? Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated.

I got the small bolt back on the heat sink. When I turn on he printer i get an error. ERRTEMPMIN I believe it says. Any help?? I really need to get printing :slight_smile:

Check your connections. The min temp error could mean the thermistor is not connected or you have a broken wire or bad thermistor.

Yea, it was a broken wire going to the thermistor. But Aleph objects is A+ with their customer service. I talked to them yesterday and sent them my entire extruder, and they’re going to either fix or replace it. They’re great people, and I’ll continue to support them through all my endeavors where they offer a product I need.

Yeah, their CS is fantastic. I hope they keep it up.