Taz 5 needs reset. Need Help

I have a Taz 5. On LCD it says

Please reset

I don’t know how to reset. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Unplug it, and plug it back in again…

If it does this again, you’ll need to find the root cause (the message is telling you that the extruder temperature is too low).

Do you currently have and extruder plugged in to your machine? If so, what kind of extruder a single or dual extruder? If you don’t have one plugged in you will have to plug it in before using your machine. If you are using a dual extruder you can try switching where the cable harnesses connect on the toolhead.

Tried that didn’t work. Thanks for the help.

Yes the extruder was plugged in. Had a jam when printing. Took it a part to fix the jam plug everything back in and got this problem now, single extruder.

Sounds like in the process of taking it apart you might have accidentally damaged one of those fine delicate wires on the hot end. If you have access to a digital multimeter, you can check the resistance measurements on the tool head to see if the thermistor or heater cartridge is bad. With the printer turned off and unplugged, disconnect the hot end from the wiring harness and test hot end for the proper resistance. The smaller black and red wires coming from the hot end are for the thermistor and should read ~100k ohms at room temperature. The larger red wires are connected to the heater cartridge and should read ~20 ohms.