Taz 5 Firmware Beep

hey guys just upgraded my Taz 4 to 5 for the new hotend and i’ve noticed a very minor omission my Taz is no longer beeping when i select an item in the gui on the printer controller i became quite attached that that audible feedback does anyone know how to get it back on ?

any thoughts anyone ?

There’s some firmware beep settings that were changed with the main Marlin branch. We’re looking at having the beep back in the next revision or two.

I don’t have the firmware changes handy though, needed to make the beep return.

Is this the same case for the KITTAZ? I just installed a GLCD kit and everything seems to work fine apart from the beep. I tried sending M300 S3000 P1000 and nothing happened.

Yup- It’s on our list of firmware features to bring into the next versions.