TAZ 5 Annoying beeping

Does this happen to anyone else? Anytime I select the “Change Filament” option in the firmware, I get a constant repetitive beeping noise until I resume the print. This happens every time and it actually happened once randomly when I selected “Stop Print” but it ended shortly after and wasn’t continuous like it is with the “Change Filament” option.

Here’s a video of it happening.
(My blower fan stopped working so while I’m waiting for a replacement I’m using the nozzle fan to cool the hex hot end.)

This is probably unrelated but when I do resume printing after using the change filament option, it shifts my print about 1mm to the left on the X axis.

The beeping is coming from the Graphical LCD controller, and is a feature!

If it’s not going back to the original position you may want to tighten your X axis belt slightly. Anytime you move your print head when paused you’re adding an additional variable. When changing filament I prefer to pause the print while doing the infill portion, and without moving the print head lift up on the two extruder screws then lower the hinged idler and remove/load filament and resume.

Is there a way to prevent it from beeping? Since it’s the only way to move the hotend away from a print and actually have it resume the print, it’s a bit impractical since changing filament isn’t the only reason I would want the hotend away.

It is quite annoying when trying to do something to your printer or perhaps add something to your print like a nut while being erratically beeped at the whole time.

There’s a way to turn off the beeping in the firmware, but I don’t know the appropriate line for that. We’ll have better documented firmware option comments in the config files/etc when we catch up with some things.