TAZ 4 Beeping Sound

My TAZ 4 has been making a strange beeping sound that I have never noticed before. Recently I finished moving and wanted to set up my printer. I connected power, usb, everything as usual and when I start up the printer it is silent. I then send the motors a command and I start hearing this weird sound that is different than the one made by the stepper motors. It sort of sounds like a high pitched piezo buzzer. After the motors stop the buzzing is still there and I can hear it coming from the control box. I have also tried to disconnect the usb cable and use the “Auto Home” option on the LCD Menu but the sound still occurs. It doesn’t go away until I power off the printer.

My first thought is that it might be some sort of over current alarm and that there might be something wrong with the power supply. Is this a sound that usually happens and I may have just never noticed or is it an indication that something is wrong?