Taz 5: LCD Print Progress Bar Not Tracking

The progress bar on my Taz 5 is not longer keeping track of the progress of each print. I was wondering if this feature was removed. I can report that the bar appears to be completely full at print completion, but completely empty until 100% completion. Also, the LCD constantly says “Extruder Heating” and never moves to “Printing”. Is there a way to fix this or a reason for it happening? I am on the latest firmware for the Aerostruder Tool Head.

Sorry to hear about the difficulty! Could I ask what version of Cura you are working with and the firmware version that is on your printer? We can check your firmware version by using the M115 command in your Printer Control Console which will be in the Monitor section of newer versions of Cura or through the Control Panel in older versions of Cura.

I’m having a similar issue, the bar never moves. I’m on

Edit: I didn’t realize there was a newer firmware… updated it this evening and now it’s tracking the progress as expected!