TAZ5 Aerostruder firmware issues


I ordered an Aerostruder for my TAZ 5 and it arrived yesterday. As instructed, I updated the firmware on my TAZ and have been getting frustrated with some of the changes…

My questions are: Does the Aerostruder require the newer firmware? I have some programming experience… If there is something about the Aerostruder that the original firmware wasn’t set up for, does anybody know what it is? I might just try to port those specific changes to the old firmware.

The issues I’m having are:

  • LCD Problems. Turning the dial seems to move the selected row faster, to the point where it causes some kind of display glitch and becomes unreadable… I find that maybe two “clicks” a second is the fastest I can go without causing this problem.

  • When I stop a print, it turns the heaters to zero… This is really irritating, since 9 times out of 10 I’m just stopping to remove a bad first layer and make an adjustment or something before restarting.

  • All the temperature profiles are gone. Resetting the heaters wouldn’t be so bad if I could just click “ABS”, instead of having to dial up the bed and the nozzle manually… Aforementioned issues with the LCD make this a bit more annoying

  • The fan in the control box seems to be on at 100%, 100% of the time. I don’t think I was having problems with overheating before, so why is it on full blast all the time now?


Thank you for your feedback and your patience! Input like this helps our team refine the user experience and minimize regressions between firmware updates and upstream releases.

You do not need to reset the temperature after you stop the print (or, for that matter, before starting a print). Cura 2 (with the new FW) will automatically set the temperature for you before printing, so you do not need to adjust the temperature settings at all. The requirement to manually set the temperature (i.e. pre-heat the bed and extruder) has been entirely eliminated. It is all automated now.

– Marcio

To follow up, if you’re having first layer adhesion issues due to your homing height it’s a good idea to check prior to the print with a piece of paper slipped underneath the nozzle. With the motors off after homing, you can slide the print head and bed around the print area to make sure you’re where you’d like to be.

I do not think you can do that on the Taz5.

Hah, good catch. The Z-axis offset option while present, isn’t used on the 5 in the same manner. Post edited.

I also brought up the removal of temperature profiles and was blown off by support when I brought it up(https://code.alephobjects.com/T1613). I used those extensively before and ended up reverting to older firmware.