Taz 5 reboots when raising the z axis. Help

Hello again,

I’ve been experiencing something odd. Whenever I use the control panel to raise the z axis to the middle of the print area from 0, the printer reatarts/reboots itself?

What could be causing this? I checked the Rambo, and the z axis chip appears not to be damaged.


I see the same issue on a taz 5 if I dial in too much extrusion distance with the lcd control. For example, everything is fine if I extrude 20mm at a time but if I dial in 100mm at once it will reboot every time. I see this on multiple taz 5 units so, at least in the case of the extruder, I don’t think it is a hardware problem. More likely something coded improperly and not handling an input the way it should.

Try moving it smaller distances multiple times and see if that helps.

I noticed that too with the z axis. I thank you for letting me know…maybe it’s some kind of safety features to keep things from getting over extruding/moving

There was an offset between the LCD control Z movement displayed number and what it was actually moving in some of the Taz 5 firmwares. If you have one of the earlier Taz 5’s you may want to look at the updated one. You may also want to check that your LCD panel cables are tight at both ends. If they are slightly loose, the reconnect could look like a printer reboot.