TAZ 5 - issues with Z axis movement

So, I have a TAZ 5 with the flexy dually head that I just recently installed. I did a few test prints and it seems to work fine. Calibrated the E steps so the test print squares are evenly spaced. Anyways, I went to do a single filament print (just ABS) and at ~10mm height, I noticed the tool head was dragging through the print. I made sure the filament diameter was correct, so I could only think that it has something with the Z axis settings.

I went to raise the Z-axis to 150mm through the interface on the printer so I could measure it. The numerical readout on the display moved from the center row to the bottom and the carriage stopped short of 150mm. I went back into the move axis menu and the Z-axiis would no longer move. I tried auto homing and the X and Y axes moved fine, but Z would not. If I power cycle the printer, I can auto home and the Z-axis will work until I try to raise it a significant height again.

Not sure what is going on, but any thoughts or troubleshooting advice would be appreciated.