Electrical issues with TAZ 5: Printer "reboots", stops mid print


I’m having some weird electrical issues with my TAZ, which may be unrelated, but here they are:

Sometimes, when I’m moving the Z-axis up and down for whatever reason, the printer reboots, which is more annoying than anything else.

The other thing I’ve had happen a couple times is that I’ll start to get long prints which just stop after 10-12 hours. The heaters are still on, and I can move the axes, but not the extruder stepper. I will get it repeatedly - the only solution I’ve found is getting a new SD card, which seems to solve the problem for a few months and then it happens again. I think the LCD is messing up SD cards?

Has anybody else had similar issues?


I have read on here that there is a little heatsink inside the control box that is attached to the z stepper driver. That has been known to fall off with some people causing it to overheat after a period of time. You might want to open the box up and see if there is a heatsink sitting in there not attached to anything.

If you are making large Z moves(30MM or >) on the LCD, you can get ahead of the controller and it will reboot.

On the print stops you did not say if you are doing this from the SD card or the computer which does affect what the cause might be of either situation.

Oh that’s good to know about the Z moves, thanks!

Yeah I print from SD, otherwise my concern that the LCD is messing up my SD cards wouldn’t make a lot of sense.