TAZ 5 Stops

After 23 hours my print was ~98% complete when it stopped. This is the second time that I have printed this part and both times it stopped in the same spot around the same time frame. I have only had the printer for 2 weeks and have printed a bigger part.



Would it have been around 1 am +/- 2 hours when it stopped? If so does your computer sometimes lose its graphics for a second right around then and do you have an nvidia graphics card? You may be hitting the nightly patching check… It also could be a variety of other connection and computer issues. Try printing it from the SD card to isolate it to the printer. Also post the St file here. There may be a flaw in the model that is confusing your computer.

Thanks, I have been printing from the SD card. How would I attach/upload the STL file?

When you post (or reply) you will see a tab that says Upload Attachment. Just click on that and choose the file.

Hope this works. I’m sending from my phone.
KX05736B06-MOUNT BRACKET-LHS Item 1.stl (1.01 MB)

The model does have a few errors in it, one of which is about at the height your print is stopping at. So you could try fixing it with Netfab and then re-slicing it and reprinting it to see if that will fix your issue.

Here is the Netfabb repaired part. I hope that helps. Having a print stop after that long is painful!
KX05736B06-MOUNT BRACKET-LHS Item 1 (repaired).stl (1.06 MB)

Would Simplify 3D have found and corrected the error?.

It is hard to say. I have found a couple parts that fail when sliced in S3D but Slic3r has no problem with them.

Yeah… S3D is hit or miss sometimes with the healing.

Pumping the original model into S3D… It detects some issues with the original model, but seems to heal and slice successfully. No issues with simulating the print in the preview. No telling if it would really print on the printer though…

The repaired model does much better… all watertight, but still has a section of intersecting faces on the side. Slices and print simulation looks fine…

Thanks everyone for the help. I’m pretty new to this 3D printing stuff and kind of ignorant on the slicing and I guess the checking of the STL file. I have just been plugging the STL files into Cura and changing a couple of settings on my printer. So far all has worked out well until this. I do notice if I layer that part in Cura it gets really thin up, or am I just seeing things.

Is this what MeshMixer does? I have downloaded AutoDesk 123D with MeshMixer. Or should I be learning Slic3r? All input welcome to this

One must have tool is Netfabb Basic (it’s free) and it can fix many problems with stl files automatically.

+1 on netfabb basic

Downloaded Netfabb Basic and watched 10 mins of youtube. Pretty simple.
Thanks once again.