Lulzbot Tax 6 auto leveling issues

I upgraded the firmware to the latest version it suggested and afterward when it is leveling it is only touching the front right leveling washer with the edge of the tool head. All the others touch fine. before it touched the tip of the tool… Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks!

Can you tell us what the “latest version” version number is? What version of CuraLE (if that’s what you used to upgrade the firmware)? What tool head are you having problems with? is the firmware. The tool head is the standard single extruder.

I believe is the universal firmware so you need to select the tool head from the LCD after flashing it. I also believe that there was a problem with the TAZ 6 standard extruder in that version and fixed it. .

There’s also a and a but I haven’t tested those on my TAZ 6 yet.

don’t see those versions anywhere on the lulzbot site at all.

Firmware isn’t available as a separate download. To get it, you download the latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition, connect the PC to the printer via USB.

In Cura Preferences, go to Printers, then select your printer, and you should see the “Upgrade Firmware” button.

Normally you would pick the choice to “Automatically Upgrade Firmware” in the firmware upgrade screen (that will apply the latest firmware available). There is a folder in the Cura install that has all of the firmwares for each printer/tool-head combination … as well as the new universal firmware (which doesn’t require re-flashing firmware each time you swap toolheads because now you can pick it via the menu on the printer’s graphical LCD screen.)

yes I did that as well. The firmware they have on the site is older than the one that I downloaded automatically.

That’s not exactly true. The link I posted is to the GitLab repository of LulzBot’s firmware and in CuraLE, go to Manage Printers…, Upgrade Firmware, and click Upload Custom Firmware which will allow you to use the .hex file that you downloaded from the repository.

CuraLE complains if the firmware in the printer doesn’t match what it thinks is the “correct” version, but you can ignore the complaints and use what you installed.

In this particular case, has a bug which is causing the issue reported by @Bradslade. Version fixes that bug. I’d rather not wait for the next release of CuraLE (beyond 3.6.31) to get the fix on my TAZ 6 as I auto level before every print.

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Had the exact same issue with my Taz6 which caused some initial layer problems. I finally re-positioned the entire print bed frame by 1mm X and 3mm Y to get the nozzle to make contact with the right front leveling pad. Works fine now.

Did you physically move it or set offsets in printer?