Taz 5 went black

all 3 fuses have continuity, power supply is green. Any suggestions?

Need much more info. Is the LCD only dark, or is the Rambo board dark too? Do you have the USB port plugged in? Does a computer detect the arduino?

Is the main power lead plugged into the board how the ohai kit documentation shows?

Screen is dark, the usb detects but cannot connect to the print console, power supply is connected the same as it has been for the last year of printing.

Dark, not lit up solid blue?

Sounds like you might have a failed power regulator on the board on the mains power side. Maybe a bad mosfet?

yeah, black, the red light in the control box is not lit either

Sounds like something got heat cooked, which won’t trip the fuses. Was this machine in an enclosure? Was the box vented?

no enclosure, vented. This machine has been running almost 24 hours a day for about a year and a half in the same spot in my studio. this is the first time it’s ever done anything weird on me…although I did shear a stepper motor once.

My control board went down, replace and I’m up and running. although, it wont read a SD card now…??

Check the polarity of the small ribbon cable for the LCD you may have it backwards in the CB.

BAM! Thanks! It wasn’t the polarity, but unplugging the small ribbon and re-seating it fixed the issue!!!