Taz 5 with Dual Extruder V 3.0 upgrade to V 3.1

Is there any reason to upgrade firmware when changing from the V 3.0 dual extruder to the V 3.1 Extruder on a Taz 5?

With the 3.1 conversion kit, it’s simply a change to the spacing of the heat-sink fan to prevent heat-creep.

This won’t affect any sort of wiping or movement so don’t worry about that. Just drop in and you’re good to go!

Thanks that is what I thought. Just wanted to double check. Btw any Cura LE update for Linux Ubuntu 20.xx?

My MacBook will not connect to my Taz5 now what’s up?

Ubuntu is behind a bit. There’s a more updated version for Ubuntu (3.6.28). Mac is at 3.6.30 … so 3.6.28 isn’t far behind.

As for the mac not connecting … does it show up if you launch the “System Information” utility (in Applications → Utilities folder) and check the USB device tree?

Is the cable ok?

thanks I will check the USB and try to install the 3.6.28 for Ubuntu where did you see that version? I only see the ones I tried before with all the dependency issues?

still no luck connecting to my Macbook Pro running the most recent updates. Also which Linux Platform do you recommend to work with Cura LE for my Taz 5 w/dual extruder 3.1?
Ubuntu is beginning to really frustrate me.

I owe you an apology … I misspoke when I said there’s a newer version for Ubuntu – the newer version is for Debian.

Linux, while wildly popular as a server OS for datacenter … isn’t great as a desktop OS because there’s not just one Linux OS. It is fragmented into many different distributions and this makes it challenging for developers to support them all.

So i should find a Debian version to run Cura LE…any recommendations that would be an easy fit for my Taz 5

Yes. See:

When you expand the “Installation Using Pre-Compiled Packages” section, you’ll see the download links. Debian names their versions for characters in the Disney “Toy Story” movies.

Debian 10 (Buster) is fairly current as the new Debian 11 (Bullseye) was only released last fall.

Thanks I will give it a go!