Taz 5 won’t connect to new MacBook Pro

Good morning,

I just got a new MacBook Pro (2022) but it won’t recognize my Taz 5. When I look in the USB tree it shows RAMBo which I’m assuming is my Taz 5 but Cura doesn’t show it being connected

Are you using LulzBot Cura? If so there were some issues with printers not connecting correctly on Macs running Apple’s silicon (M1 and now the new M2 chips). Your best bet would be to make sure that you’re using CuraLE 3.6.37 since there was a dependency updated that should hopefully solve that issue.

Thanks, I am running Cura LE 3.36.37. I redownloaded and it connected briefly but wouldn’t successfully print. I’ve since restarted both the printer and the computer and now it will not connect again despite Cura saying USB devices are available

Odd. Have you been able to connect to the TAZ 5 from other computers in the past?

It might be worth contacting LulzBot support on this one.