Mac Cura 18.03 flashing incorrect firmware?


Just updated my Cura to 18.03 (Mac 10.11.3) and to ensure I had the latest firmware - I used it to flash my Taz 5.

It reported “congrats - firmware 2015Q3 loaded” (or something like that) - but when the Taz reboots, it displays 2015Q1.

Two related questions:

Is 2015Q3 the latest and greatest for Taz 5?

Does flashing new firmware affect my e-step values?

Thanks in advance!

For TAZ5 yes, that is the latest and greatest. Did you use “install default FW” button?

This change in firmware should not affect your e-steps. If for some reason you swap to a completely different firmware (like LulzBot Mini) and then come back to TAZ FW, then e-steps will be reset.

Great. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

I used the firmware install prompt that comes up when setting the print head. I’ll use the default install, and see if that has an effect on the version the Taz displays.

Just re-flashed using the install default FW menu item.

Still displays Q1 instead of Q3.

I’m still unable to reproduce this. What operating system are you using? What tool head have you selected (v2 single extruder I’m guessing)?


I’m using:

Mac OSX 10.11.3 (2012 MBP Retina)
Cura 18.03
TAZ 5 - v2 single extruder.

If you need anything else - lemme know.

One thing I did notice, is it’s saying it’s the Taz 4 firmware 2015Q3 that is being installed (not Taz 5).

Update: I figured it out. I re-added the printer as a new machine, then re-flashed the firmware…this fixed it.