Taz 6 vibration x axis travel

My Printer has developed a vibration when traveling on the x axis, mostly at higher speeds only. Pretty much default settings, not really good at troubleshooting, but looking for suggestions on what to check. It’s about 8 months old, and I’ve gone through maybe 10 spoils of filament. Very happy with how prints turn out but can’t un-hear the noise it makes when traveling. Can’t reproduce with the machine off and moving by hand. Thank you for helping!

Check for loose belts, debris in the rod bearings, a loose bolt somewhere that’s rattling, play in the x carriage or any components, if all that doesn’t narrow it down check the idler bearings for failure, and then start pressing down on parts of the x axis yo see if you can damp the noise anywhere

I tightened up the screws holding the build plate to the bushing holder thing… (carriage?) and that seems to have fixed it, thanks!

Next question, why would my belt not be centered on the bearing anymore? Talking about x axis (the one the printhead travels on). It’s not in jeopardy of falling off or anything, but I seem to remember it perfectly centered at one time.
Looks slightly off center on the pinion as well.

Thank you!

I just fixed a printer last Friday that kind of sounded like that! That one had a blown RAMBo in it. The way the X axis is moving on that printer makes me think it has a bad control board also.
Hope its help.

I figured out I can adjust belt position by loosening the tensioner in the back!