Taz6 dimensions

I currently have a mini and am in the process of building a small workbench to support it and supplies. In order to attempt to “future proof” myself, I’d like to build it large enough to hold a Taz6, but the dimensions on the website are a bit unclear. Could I trouble someone for the x/y/z dimensions on the pics below (doesnt need to be too precise, just cutting lumber here). For the x, looking for the dimension without the filament, and for Y I’m looking for a full back to front with the bed (trying to find bounding box).

Thanks in advance…

Go to the TAZ 6 printer page and scroll to the bottom under “parts and specifications”

Physical Dimensions

Overall Dimensions: 66 cm x 52 cm x 52 cm (26 in x 20.47 in x 20.47 in)

That will be 26 in the X axis and 20.47 in the Y and Z axis.

thanks all, appreciate it… :slight_smile: