Taz 6 Z-offset returns to default

Hey folks,
I recently updated the TAZ 6 firmware (Marlin , and now, everytime I restart the machine my z-offset returns to -1.20, which I presume is the default. I change it to -1.25

Upgraded via Cura LE, direct connection.
Currently running Octoprint

Have re-upgraded twide, no change.

Any Ideas greatly appreciated.

When updating firmware, capture both the Z-offset and the E-steps value before you apply the update … because firmware resets those values back to defaults.

You can use the graphical LCD to enter the old values (if you know what they were).

That’s not the problem. I fully expect to record and reset esteps and z-offset. The issue is that, after I change the offset (say to -1.250) it reverts back to 1.200 whenever I shut the machine off. Every time i turn the machine on, i have to reset the offset. This coincided with the latest firmware upgrade.
I believe there is another firmware upgrade available at this point. Waitng for a print to finish, then I’ll try updating the firmware again. Was mostly wondering if anyone else has run into this, and what they might have done about it.

The only thing I can think of is that there is something in the EEPROM the new firmware doesn’t understand so it goes back to defaults.

The new firmware has an “Initialize EEPROM” menu item. I’d try that, then do a reset defaults. Turn the printer off and back on, then enter your specific Z offset and see if it stays.

Thanks all for the comments. I just updated to Marlin, and the problem went away, the z-offset will now maintain through an on/off cyle.

Glad to hear it is fixed. If you used the graphical LCD to dial in the offset then I’m not sure why it didn’t stick.

Anyway, you can also use the Console (in Cura’s “Monitor” panel) to view, change, or save settings.

View current settings via the M503 command:


Change Z-offset vi the M851 command (e.g.):

M851 Z-1.25

When you do this, it doesn’t commit the change to EEPROM (it would revert if you power-cycle the printer).

Save settings to EEPROM via the M500 command:


We’ve seen on older firmware it won’t keep the Z-Offset value when adjusted within the Tune menu. Adjusting this in newer firmware it will save the value and make a note of it. I’m guessing that’s what happened here as adjusting within that menu is the most reasonable way to do it.

Not sure what happened - I’ve been adjusting it from the tune menu or the configuration menu for years, and it’s never done it before. But it’s good now, so away we go.